OK. Let’s get right into it. This is the one question that people who have to suffer with this condition ask: What are the costs for treatment for vitiligo? We went over a few different treatments that have shown incredible promise. But to tell you the truth, they all sound like their incredibly expensive. And it doesn’t make sense to tell you about a possible “cure” for vitiligo if you can’t afford it anyway! So I’m not even going to sugar - coat it for you. I’m going to give you the prices that are associated with trying to manage or even cure vitiligo.

These prices are for treatments that I listed on THIS website:

1. MELAGENINA PLUS – As I stated in an earlier post, melagenina plus can only be bought from Ebay. And the average bottle will cost you somewhere between $90 and $110 dollars.  Just make sure that the person that you are buying from on Ebay is a reputable dealer, and that they have a good seller reputation. (Click the highlighted link to go to a site that will direct you to Ebay.)

2. MELANOCYTE TRANSPLANTATION – This treatment will transplant live melanocytes from one part of your body to the part that is affected by the vitiligo. Unfortunately after scouring the Internet for any price. I was only able to find prices for the treatment in India. 1 American dollar is worth 50 Indian rupees. For a surgical procedure the cost was like 35,000 rupees,(that’s about $700 dollars! Pretty cheap,huh!?)

If you do decide to go this route, I would recommend that you do a thorough check of the person who is performing the surgery. make sure that they are board certified in their country. Whatever country it maybe. I know that doesn’t help much. But for those with the money to go to India and get it done, just be careful!

3. DEPIGMENTATION - As I stated in an earlier post, this is most likely the route that the late,great Michael Jackson took to deal with his vitiligo. It is EXACTLY like it sounds: YOU WILL HAVE NO COLOR AFTER THIS TREATMENT! There is also no turning back from this treatment either. Once you go there, you’re going to stay there!

The good news is that repigmentation is not that expensive. For 2 jars of a cream called COSMELAN it will cost you about $153.oo. A product called BENOQUIN containing the ingredient monobenzone that has been proven to lighten skin costs about $55 bucks a tube.

4. VITILIGO LASER TREATMENT – Just like the transplantation treatment from above, I found very little information on the costs associated with this treatment. I guess the physicians want you to come in to their office and consult with them before they tell you how much it’s going to cost you! But the good news is that the websites I checked all stated that most insurances will cover some or all of the costs.

5. The Autoimmunity Bible – This is an ebook that claims to be able to heal any autoimmunity condition, holistically. Without the use of drugs or surgery. It has a list of other autoimmunity conditions on the page, and vitiligo is among them. It’s definitely worth checking out. If you live a holistic lifestyle, then this ebook is for you. Even if you don’t live that lifestyle and you want an alternative to all of the lasers and creams, check it out.

6. PERSONAL UV-B PHOTOTHERAPY LAMP – This is a specially designed lamp that emits light from the B- band spectrum of light. This particular spectrum of light has been shown to be very effective in the treatment of various skin conditions, including vitiligo. I mentioned all of the specifics in an earlier post. Go check it out!

So there you have it. Sorry I couldn’t get all of the prices for you. For those prices I was unable to get your best bet would be to arrange an appointment with your family physician. That way he/she can direct you to a specialist and then that specialist will give you the appropriate prices. And then you will find out if your insurance will cover the costs for you. In any event, the decision to use ANY of these procedures should not be taken lightly. As always, do your homework and check out the doctor thoroughly BEFORE surgery!


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